Saint Jalaram was a devotee of Lord Ram. From very childhood, he served the Shadhu, saints and needy without any bias, opinion or discrimination of any kind. He had done hard labor to earn money to serve the society. With the name of Lord Ram on their lips, mind and heart, his wife and him served men, women, child, old, young, rich, poor and animals alike. His spirit continues to serve the people who believe in him and who need desperate help in every day trouble in life. His temples are found all over the world. Many devotees of Jalaram are residing in the USA. They formed Jalaram Seva Samaj of North America (JSS) to continue the tradition Jalaram began to serve the public.

With the Blessing of Saint Jalaram, the JSS is progressing rapidly. The JSS is well recognized by the devotees of Jalaram for the variety of activities. A character specific to the JSS is that its volunteers area holding many constructive activities with superior cooperation, excellent organization and unparalleled togetherness.

One beautiful morning, while Jayendra Unadakat was praying Jalaram, a wonderful thought of celebrating Jalaram Jayanti (birthday) magnificently crosses his mind. This thought lead to many surprises. He spoke to his wife about this and she gracefully supported the thought. Both husband and wife shared their desire to their close family. They very well received the idea of celebrating Jalaram's birthday. They spoke to their friends Pankaj Patel, Prafulla Patel, Mahesh Patel, Girish Lad, Jay Mistry and Raju Gajjar regarding the inspiration. They worked with Jayendra Unadakat in planning and coordinating the first Jalaram Jayanti celebration. Shree Dinesh Jani also volunteered his services for religious related matters.

The first program in New Jersey was planned for Sunday, November 5, 1995, at the Hindu Community Center, Kearny, New Jersey. The program was well received by the community. The program began with "RAM YAGNA", a religious process in which Lord Ram is prayed. (Jalaram prayed Lord RAM until his death.) One hundred and eight couples hosted the RAM YAGNA. The cultural activities, gospel singing and grand dinner complemented the program. The devotees of Jalaram unanimously decided to celebrate this event every year and to build Jalaram Dham (temple). This was the establishment of the Jalaram Seva Samaj of North America. The JSS began with the support of a few individuals and in few years, many other devoted families joined. The volunteers provide their valuable time and other resources for activities held by the JSS.

A person does not need pay any fee to join the organization and to attend the program held by the JSS. No one is discriminated against race, religion or gender. Anyone could join the JSS like sugar mix with the milk.

During all programs such as Lord Rama's birthday, Krishna's Birthday, Guru Purnima (Guru Day) Jalaram Jayanti, SitaRam Vivah, activities are planned per the belief of Hindu religion. In last few years, the JSS has organized Vishnu Yagna, Ram Yagna, Maharudra Yagna, Marutinandan Yagna, Gayatri Yagna, Durga Puja, Datta Yag, Satyanarayana Maha Puja, Vishvashanti Yagna, etc. Devotees actively participate in each of this Yagnas.

In November 1999, The JSS celebrated 200th birthday of Jalaram. This eight-day event was celebrated on a grand scale with lectures on Bhagvat and cultural programs. Bhupendra Pandya, a learned scholar on Hinduism from India was the speaker at the event for all eight days.

The JSS also has held program such as Navaratri every year. The public continues to sponsor these programs. The devotees of Jalaram invite the organization to their homes to hold gospel singing and praying. Monitory help is being sent by mail by many devotees from all over the country and they are anxious about the Jalaram Dham. JSS has acquired a four acre land in central New Jersey to build Jalaram Dham. The organizer of Virpur Jalaram Temple (original birthplace) recently announced public that they no longer would accept donation of any kind. They are advising the public to use their donation for other good cause in helping the need. This probably is the first charity organization that stopped taking donation. This would help in collecting the fund for the Jalaram Dham in USA.

Jalaram Dham (temple) will be build to serve the community and to educate the public in supporting and maintaining their religious beliefs and cultural values. The project would cost $2.5. The public is offering the donations for this good cause. The temple is expected to be built in next few years. You could view the picture of proposed Jalrama Dham on this website.


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